A sustainable fashion 
Environmentally friendly materials


High quality flaked salmon leather 

Its tight and perfectly symmetrical grain over the entire surface makes it easy to use for ornaments, watches, sheathing and leather goods. The different finishes can give it a light, perfectly flattened or soft appearance. Very resistant, it is also durable and hypoallergenic. 

Salmon leather is an exceptional leather with unique properties that are unrivalled in terrestrial leather. The main characteristics of this leather are its fineness and resistance. It also has exceptional flexibility, elasticity and grain.  

Sturgeon Leather

High precision sturgeon leather 

Some peaople call it the caviar of leathers.

A rare, unique and exceptional product.

Know by a few experts, the sturgeon leather represents a real alternative to conventionnal exotic leathers. It is the only leather in the world that posses spicules.

Thicker than the Squama®, this leather opens new perspectives of creation in a lot of areas.

Only coming from french sustainable caviar producers. The skins where, until now, only partially valorized and get a second life after the transformation.



Cuir de Carpe de Dombes

The carp leather can take several forms. starting with the tortoiseshell carp, fullly covered of scales, but also the classical one, more common for which each skin will be different and unique, strewn of sclaes.


These skins, are also coming from a sustainable fish farming and intended for restauration. usually named the 1 000 ponds region, the Dombes territory is located in the north of Lyon.

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