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N°1 February 2019

"A new tannery is emerging"

"It looks like fish leather is fishing! After Femer, an artisanal leather shop on a short circuit with the fish farmers of the Arcachon basin, it is the turn of a trio of 3 young green chemistry engineers to take to the water. Their concept? Enhance existing resources, and reinvent chemistry to move environmental lines, without sacrificing performance. 

 Still in the middle of research and product development with the support of CTC (Comité Professionnel de Développement Cuir Chaussure Maroquinerie Ganterie) a few months ago, the project for a new tannery will emerge this year. The young team intends to put a nice bite on the skins of non-recycled fish - estimated at 50,000 tonnes in France alone - to transform them into leather, preferably vegetable or synthetic tanned. Their environmental approach has hit the nail on the head with ADC, a development aid scheme for companies in the French Leather Sector, which will support them over the next three years.

For its part, the Entreprendre Rhônes network financially supports the start-up in its first investments: four drums, a scarf, a press, a spray cabin and a pallet. Newly based in Saint-Fons near Lyon in a 250m² establishment, it aims to produce 2000 skins per month for the small leather goods, jewellery and watchmaking markets. The first orders for salmon leather, mainly in black, red, blue, blue, gold and brown tones, are in progress. 

Deposited under the name SQUAMA®, the product has various benefits: the very tight grain is perfectly symmetrical over the entire surface of the skin. And although worked in all finesse, this last one is extremely resistant, that is to say three more than a crocodile skin. More supple and elastic, SQUAMA® is also hypoallergenic. Custom development in exclusive colours and finishes is open from a minimum of 100 leathers with an area of 55 to 65 centimetres long by 10 to 15 centimetres wide.



Writing Juliette Sebille

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