A story of friendship 
A commitment to human values

OUR HISTORY | The origin

Originally, a history of friendship and a desire to create a "family", an ecosystem of people who share the same values and are committed to human values. Ictyos leathers exist to inspire fashion and accessory designers and allow them to sublimate creations while fulfilling their ethical commitment. 

The story begins when Benjamin and Gauthier earn their chemical engineering degrees. They share the same world view. Driven by adventure, independence and the desire to give meaning to what they do, their desire to create their own project is born.


A year ago, while looking for an unusual wallet, Benjamin noticed that the materials offered were still the same. These leathers already existed hundreds of years ago: lambs, calves, cows, etc.... That very evening, in the restaurant, his eyes in front of the menu, he found the same animals.

Cuir Marin de France

Every project is built with a technical and a commercial dimension. It is on this last axis that Emmanuel, business engineer, has been following the project from the beginning and joins the team. Thus Cuir Marin de France was born. After having developed the process in the basins for several months, Cuir Marin de France integrates the platform of the Centre Technique du Cuir, in Lyon, to finalize the development of the drum process before setting up its own premises.

It is when he sees the fish that he wonders if it is possible to make fish leather. The idea seems crazy, even unfeasible, especially since no one in his entourage has ever heard of it.


The garage


The first salmon skins were recovered from Japanese restaurants. As for tree bark, it comes from Parisian forests. It is then in Gauthier's parents' garage in Rueil Malmaison, in the Paris suburbs, that the first test is carried out. A few weeks later, we obtain our first "homemade" marine leather.

From meeting to meeting, and from step to step, the developed leather improves: its grain, its finesse, its flexibility and its touch make it unique: the SQUAMA® is born.

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